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For Good Karma, Please Give Back! Our shows are produced by talented and devoted volunteers.

How would you like a lap dance during the intermission of Tantra Theater's next Show? We are seeking patron saints to support our mission of healing Sex Shame! For 4 fantastic years, Tantra Theater has entertained and educated the community and been dedicated to healing and transforming sexual shame through creativity. Please consider sending a donation to help with production costs. Thanks in advance for your generous gift!

Please specify Donor Name as you would like it to appear in the show program when we recognize you for your generosity. Donations of $100 will earn you a Lap dance at intermission! Huge Love!

Categories of Generosity:

Friend $5 - $49
Friend with Benefits $50 - 99
Servant to the Sexy $100 – 249
Temple Supporter $250 – 499
Sacred Slut Patron $500 – 999
Sugar Daddy/Mamma $1,000 +
Lord Our Savior $10,000 +
Donations can be sent to:
Tantra Theater Co.
PO Box 90413
San Diego, CA 92169

Or Write to make other arrangements.