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We performed this show at the Tower Room in Hotel Circle on May 20th & 21st 2011. We will be having repeat performances at Taste of Tantra Palooza on June 11th in Poway and Auditions on Aug. 30th. If you missed the show, we hope you enjoy the streaming video version:

Since many major bohemian movements were secretly funded by prostitution, Kamala Devi opens the show with an homage to the sacred prostitute. She does dramatic interpretation of an ancient Goddess Culture.

The Bohemian troupe goes on to introduce themselves with wacky personal ads. In sum, we’re a motly bunch of poly tantrikas in search of double jointed, adventurous, kinky nudists for tea, yoga and deep conversation…wink. wink.

Heidi Neilson (AKA Kali Das)- Performs an original poem entitled Bohemian Rhapsody wherein she describes the dawn of her sexual awakening at her first Sacred Snuggle party.

Michael does a hilarious new rendition of “Orgasm Man” originally written and posted on Youtube by Comedy Inc. Imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t stop orgasming!?

James Schmachtenberger tells us about his unconventional upbringing in Life in a Laboratory. Lessons include, levitation, stripping, polyamory and an early initation into oral sex.

Kassia shares the magical tale of how she healed her Love addiction. In a dream-like encounter with her fairy godfather we see Esteban activates her sacral chakra and brings her downloads from celestial headquarters!

In “Prince Charming”, Esteban boldly breaks social taboos by humorously exposing his STD history. Here’s what NOT to do, if you have warts and want to avoid liquid nitrogen.

Katie Holton received a standing ovation for her performance called “The Full Molly.” Here she sings Chantilly Lace at a Karaoke club at the Dinah Shore weekend. Video TBA

Mankx explores the wild world of fantasy and sexual role play with a blow up doll. The scene is based on a true story by anothe cast member (FYI the blow up doll was a last minute addition because the orginal cast member was healing a neck injury.)

In “I Know Why The Caged Cock Cringes” by Katie Holton,Video TBA.

Kamala Devi undresses in the “White Tigress,” a performance art piece inspired by Quodoshka teacher and author, Amara Charles. This piece is a preview from Kamala’s forthcoming one-woman-show entitled: The Sacred Slut Series.

Aknowledgments: We love our cast and crew: Pictured Below: Maha Lakshmi, Janos Novak, Adam, Cathleen, Julie Kondor, Sarah Murray Novak, Peter, and Michael McClure. And Special thanks to: Monique Darling, Nate Darling, SheilaJoy Keller, Steve Bickell, Electrick Rick, Shawn Roop, and Vilma.

Thank you for making it such a fabulous show!

We modern bohemians are passionate contradictions. We are sensitive, yet we care not what others think. We are visionaries in art and culture, pissing people off as we push towards world peace. We believe in our various causes with such intensity that we either enroll or overwhelm those around us. We love music, have pets, light candles, read poetry and dress in a manner that makes you wonder if there is an old winnebago driving around South America without curtains. We are eccentric trend setters who are too individualistic to organize a real movement. But somehow we manage to dominate poetry readings and have put together this lewd, nude, and socially unacceptable performance art happening: