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PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release
Live Improvisation, and Book Release party to Stimulate More Self Love.

Join us on: Saturday, July 17th 2010 at Ideal Hotel/Red Lotus Society location at 542 3rd Ave, Downtown San Diego

Author and performance artist Shawn Roop recently released a book entitled: Pathways to Love: 28 days to Self Love. He is celebrating with a performance art event produced by San Diego Tantra Theater. The first 28 people to register get free books and an experience of original performance art that evokes personal narratives from the audience.
Wondering what's the connection between Tantra and Theater?
Tantra acknowledges that desire, sex and pleasure are as sacred as prayer, worship, and ritual. While Theater, as a medium, is the culmination of the 64 tantric temple arts (music, song, dance, mimicry...) Together, Tantra Theater is a spiritual ritual where the community comes together, turns down the lights, focuses their attention on provocative entertainment and continues to breath, laugh and cry together. The Tantra Theater players are a group of artists, teachers and healers who dramatize their own personal narratives as well as dramatizing audience experiences to give people permission to see their sex as sacred and their life as art. Their mission is to transmute sexual guilt shame and fear into art healing and liberation!

This new art form began last year when a group of mostly virgin performers came together under the direction of sex and relationship coach, Kamala Devi. Each of the players undergo a 90 day personal growth course before offering public performances. For months they offered monthly performance art at a hip downtown hotel venue. They’ve since traveled to conferences, performed at festivals, and feature hours of streaming video on their new website:

TICKETS are only $15 pre-sale available online or and $20 at the door on the evening of the performance. Doors open at 7:30pm and curtain is scheduled at 8:00pm.For more information contact Kali Das