"We’re born, we die, and in between is the stuff of life — the comedy, drama, dance, and “sacred sex” — all of which will be tackled on an outdoor stage (yeah, you heard me, “all”) by Tantra Theater Troupe. An Evening of Tantra Theater is not afraid to wrestle with birth, death and sacred sex on stage."

Our fans are ecstatic! Here's what they were saying:

Monique Darling: Tantra Theater has the unique ability of allowing shame, arousal, and fear to come up, to be seen, felt, embraced and eventually to see the humor and gift each experience has given. Extremely healing to the individual as well as everyone who sees the work.
T.H.: I've witnessed all 6 Tantra Theater shows. Every piece was some aspect of me. I am always blown open and brought to a profound space of healing and growth!
Julie Kondor: As the photographer for Tantra Theater, I feel honored and privileged to witness the art of the "actors" transforming and transmuting sexual guilt, shame and fear into love and healing. Thanks to each performer past, present and future, and Kamala Devi for pioneering such transformative work!
Katie Weatherup: I was delighted with the show. Deep, fun, rich. As a professional Shaman, it was wonderful to watch my work onstage. You represent well, I wouldn't have changed a word.
Amrita Joy Ananda Ma: You were wonderful. "I was suprised by how much emotion I felt seeing myself enacted in the performance."
Cheri Reeder: I loved all the performances and at one point it was so beautiful, I had tears streaming down my face.
Jo Balmes: It was an amazing and inspiring night. thank you for sharing in such a profound, meaningful, and FUN way! Looking forward to the next one 🙂

Brent Nelson : You’d think the group had been performing together for years! Great acting, great singing – they can dance too. A wonderful evening under the stars with a warm, funny, and talented group of new friends.”

Goodie Goddess: The emotional fire breathed from the stage warmed my heart and soul. I cannot wait for the next troupe to begin."

Jay: Wow! The actors were truly Goddesses and Gods as we mortals in the audience watched open mouthed. Boy! Can they move like an asp, show emotion and make you laugh. No one has a right to be so radiant! First Class! Brilliant script, direction and easy stage craft.”

Katie Freiling: Miss Kamala! I thoroughly enjoyed the Tantra Theatre production... Thank you so much for putting that on! I really appreciate your energy, enthusiasm, and authenticity 🙂 Alan Farr: "I was just in awes at all times. Everyone acted so natural and professionally. The content was great and very deep. I'd love will attend again. What a fabulous production, entertaing, funny and very educational. Thanks to all involved."
Stephan Weigandt: Thanks for organizing those awesome events. All your events are special and unique. Awesome.
Ellen Faye: Night 2 was amazing. So rich and real, scary real. I applaud your wisdom and courage. You and the troupe are the LIGHT that chases the darkness. Bravo!
Laura Lee Thompson: What a powerful "two" nights! So much talent, risk and love in this community! I am honored to be in your presence.
Lianne: I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was fun, sad, enlightening. The cast was amazing! Kamala Devi you outdo yourself everyday. Each member of the cast was so awesome with their delivery, with their dialogs, and with weaving their stories. I hope that they are very proud of themselves.
Robin "The evening was heart wrenching, awe inspiring, enlightening, funny and well done. In the midst of the humor Shawn sent the most important message of Tantra - you have everything you need, it is all there inside of you. Thanks to all of you."
Adam: "Great show dear. It far exceeded my expectations and they were rather high to begin with"
Tracey Lontos: "Tantra theatre: our friends, family, lovers, sisters and brothers perfoming their lives and stories completely captivated me! thank you so much! I was moved, triggered, brought to tears and laughed till my belly hurt!"
Trevahr Hughes: Tantra theater was so amazing thank you for bringing this energy together and I love the concepts that you have surrounded your life with.
Janos Novak: What a powerful evening! Deep emotional stuff. Salute to all those actors for sharing their deepest fears and their funniest moments on stage. The directing was magnificent. Amazing production!! Thanks.
Dr. Sayaka: It was awesome! The production value was high, and the personal sharing of the actors/actresses were moving. It is a must see!

Sherri: Bravo! I came expecting to see things I’d never seen before and I was not disappointed!

Susan Taylor: Kamala, I appreciate the space you hold for the deep soul creative to be expressed. The Tantra Theater group gave us such a wonderful expression of our soul's joy & grief. Thanks to the Tantra Theater II group for their courage and their gifts to us, the audience. My Body is My Temple. My Body is My Temple .
Jaime GF: Woman, that was amazing! and the "sit down" afterwards brought such depth to the performances. what a talented director AND performer you are! so, when are you gonna teach me that rope trick?
Joni P: I loved how powerful the opening and calling in of directions was! nicely done!

S.L: Your piece was just… beautiful. Fucking knots and all, though. Taken in the context of how proud you were of being a 2nd generation yogi, the bit about your mother’s reaction hit hard. Maybe it’s not surprising that almost all of us have difficulty living with our mothers. At any rate, I’m glad you have gotten past it enough to be able to share it with the rest of us.

S. D: I attended the Tantra Theatre on Saturday night and was not sure what to expect. However as the night unfolded, I really appreciated the performers with their vulnerability and yet playfullnesss with sexuality. It really touched a deep chord inside and i found it to be a healing experience. I just wanted to soak it up and it was as if nothing else in the world mattered. Your coaching on this was quite obvious and you have a real creative talent.

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